I have since a young age been fascinated in the “existence” of “fairies” in literature, song and oral traditions. It had struck me that our image of fairies (and similar imaginings) is greatly influenced by Victorian and Edwardian book illustrators.

I had never been persuaded that these “imaginings” would have a human form as represented in many of these aforementioned illustrations, but that they would in fact (if they existed) be some sort of form of “energy” and that these would take on different forms depending on there association with the elements and/or their places of habitat.

At the time this series began I bought several lots of old Victorian lantern lens and scientific prisms and glass, at auctions and car boot sales. I began to use these in the creation of these images. I do not particularly want to explain how I went about creating these images, as that takes away the “magic” of their creation and existence of my “fairies”.