Reflecting a journey both real and imagined, over time and place.
It is as a result of a number of  journeys between my home town of Nottingham and Leicester. On a personal basis I was travelling to an exhibition space I was showing my work in and a subsequent visit to the recently interned Richard III tomb in Leicester.

My attention was drawn to the detail of the battle in which Richard was killed at Bosworth Fields on 22 August 1485, which lies roughly between Leicester and Nottingham. Making him the last English king to die in battle on home soil and the first since Harold II was killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
This got me thinking of the Raising of the Standard by Charles I in Nottingham, on 22nd August 1642, which was seen as the start of the Civil war. Some days earlier, Charles had failed to get hold of Leicester’s county magazine, to support his troops.

So my journeys passed by areas traveled by these kings and their troops, in two of the key points in English history; Richard and the passing of the Plantagenet line to the Tudors and the English Civil war.

Pt 1~ The shots taken at nightfall made me reflect on what it would have been like to travel this landscape in the 15th and 17th centuries, and made a very strong sense of relationship with this history.

Pt 2 ~ These shots taken on the same journeys capture the modernity of the same geography with the imposition of buildings and intense lights.