I started this series (2009) as a reaction against not being able to take photographs in some museums and galleries. I understand that in most instances this is due to copyright or the potential use of “flash” where there are light delicate works. However, this does seem to vary hugely between institutions and among different countries.

I then became aware that many members of the public were managing to take pictures of works of art on their mobile telephones, without being stopped by museum staff. This again seems variable depending on the organisation in question.

So I began taking pictures of parts of the interiors of museum and art gallery buildings; particularly mundane corners or features of the structure of the fabric, not including any reference to art works contained in the room. This gave me a perverted satisfaction, where I had managed to take pictures in many of these institutions, but without featuring the objects/works of art for which they were there to promote and exhibit. Institutional “control” over its visitors became a fascinating study/game.

This interest has continued for a number of years and will remain an ongoing project.